Group Reservations

Organize your event with us!

For reservations for banquets and events we are able to meet every need of customers with personalized menus.

Our new proposal for fast and convenient:
THE SOLE PLATE, with which we add the speed of service while maintaining the quality of our cuisine at an affordable price.

It works with agency travel and tourism for the acceptance of groups that are well appreciated. We speak German, French and English.

Special prices and advantageous to the agency for Italian and foreign trips or trips organized both occasional recurring arc of the season. 

Contact us and we will immediately get a personalized quote!!

T: +39 (0) 323 933798
M: +39 3403385947


+39 (0) 323 933798
+39 340 3385947

Events Info:

+39 (0) 323 933798
+39 340 3385947

Opening Hours:

Every day: 8.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m.


Isola dei Pescatori
Via Ugo Ara 21
Stresa 28838